The Pangea Theory suggests that the continents used to be one large landmass; eventually, the landmass was separated by large bodies of water and thus alienating the land and people into continents. A lesser-known theory known as “Pangea 2” and many other names theorizes that the continents may eventually combine into a connecting major landmass. 

All theories aside, we were inspired by the connection of land and peoples and what this could mean to the human connection and ease of lifestyle and travel. We are not in travel, but we believe that the healthy human life cycle includes safe, comfortable home-positive experiences. Often, this journey takes each person through pursuing family, love, education, careers, and travel. This is where we can apply our decades of experience to what we do best.

Pangea United Group is a collective of real estate development specialists with combined focused efforts to bring a globally unified and committed partner for real estate investors and a housing partner in offering beautiful homes worldwide under our Pangea United “Signature Properties” brand. 


Although ambitious, and altruistic our mission is intended to offer an alternative to asset and property management for real estate investors, and a global network of housing with our commitment to providing the best home experience for all of our tenants. 

Global Housing Network

We do the research for legal, tax, construction code compliance and specialist affiliations in each market we work in. Our investment is not only in physical assets, but in the good people, the communities and strategic leadership relationships who can help our assets reach the desired goals.

Experience & Our Execution

We have a committed team of experts who work with us in each market. Even so, we have a tiered review on each asset and our performance strategy considers not only physical improvements (curb appeal exterior as well as interior appeal), highest revenue indicators but also how this network of assets integrates with the existing and sometimes manifested communities we work with.

This takes patience, empathy and listening.

Innovation for Real Estate Investors

We have extensive experience in asset management, property management, and real estate acquisitions and development. There has been so much innovation in "Real Estate" from technology, to analytics but we saw the deficiency for solutions towards satisfying the real estate investors where it means the most, we offer guarantees on performance.

Around the world and in the highest brackets of real estate investment, guarantees and shared risk are assumed and expected, but when it comes to the local investor, or experienced investor in a local market the options are limited, or even non-existent. Leading investors to dilute their purpose of portfolio growth into managing, legal conflicts and owner contributions due to their limited network exposure.

We proudly introduce Pangea GNR Program, the only solution which assumes your risk, guarantees NET returns, and allows you to keep investing in your local, national, or global real estate market with predictable net income and full freedom.

Pangea Signature Properties

We value our tenants experience with us.

Regardless of if you are a first time renter, student, roommates, family, empty nester or need international accommodation; you deserve the home you want with the lifestyle conveniences you desire.

Our standards include laundry solution, air quality, energy and water efficiency, heating/cooling solutions, combined with enviable furnished and unfurnished options for your consideration. We are so confident that a happy tenant will do all they can to honor their home and community, that we have devised a program that if you are not happy, you can transfer to another home in our network at any time until you find "the one".


Your Real Estate Partner, For Life.

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